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Amine-HCA™ P-1000 Polyurethane Chain Extender
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Amine-HCA™ P-1000 Polyurethane Chain Extender

Mainly used for casting molds and elastomers, adhesives, sealants and spraying systems. Liquid at room temperature, easy to operate.
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Chemical Component Polytetramethyleneoxide-di-p-aminobenzoate
CAS NO. 54667-43-5
Appearance Amber viscous liquid
Odour Slightly amine odor
Viscosity 3000-3500mPa.s(40°C)
Moisture Content <500ppm
Proportion 0.98/cm3(25°C)
Amino equivalent content 575-625
Product Structure 图片2

Product Feature

Applications for Amine-HCA™ P-1000 curing agent include casting moulds and elastomers, coatings, adhesives, sealants, and spraying systems. Because of its ease of operation, Amine-HCA™ PT-1000 curing agent is extremely suitable for site repair.

Typically, MDI is cured directly by Amine-HCA™ P-1000 in one step, and the physical properties of the obtained products can be generally similar to the traditional thermal curing system of MDI prepolymer; The Amine-HCA ™ P-1000-based elastomer exhibits very low shrinkage when operated in a natural environment, while its performance is superior to that of these MDI/diol thermosetting elastomer systems.

Product advantages

☆ Liquid at room temperature;

☆ No need to prepare the prepolymer first,  can be directly mixed with diisocyanate for reaction to prepare the required product;

☆ Widely used in polyurethane and epoxy resins;

☆Applied in site restoration;

☆ Elastomers prepared by curing under natural conditions have a lower shrinkage rate.


Certificate ISO9001

casting molds、polyurethane elastomer、sealant、polyurethane adhesive、polyurethane coating、spraying systems.

Packaging Details 10KG/25KG/50KG Galvanized Drums
Supply Ability 30 Ton Per Month
Port Qingdao/ Shanghai / Lianyungang
Place Of Origin China

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