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Anti-hydrolysis Masterbatch

Anti-hydrolysis masterbatch is a kind of masterbatch with anti-hydrolysis function, which is prepared by using PET, TPU and other materials as base materials and adding a certain proportion of anti-hydrolysis agent. The anti-hydrolysis masterbatch is very convenient for customers to use and increases the uniformity of mixing with the substrate.

Hydrolysis-resistant masterbatch is mainly used in BO-PET double-pull film, PET monofilament and PET injection molded parts based on PET resin. It can also be used in films, pipes, sheets and other products based on TPU, which can effectively inhibit the mechanical properties of PET and TPU resins caused by hydrolysis, acidolysis and processing heat; At the same time, it can also seal the active carboxyl groups in polyester materials, reduce the viscosity drop during processing, and effectively prolong the service life of your products in harsh environments such as high temperature and humidity.

Our company has many years of experience in the production of anti-hydrolysis masterbatch, equipped with advanced twin-screw extrusion equipment and aging testing instruments. We can customize different specifications and contents of anti-hydrolysis masterbatch products according to customers' needs and different materials.

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