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Anti-hydrolysis Agent

Carbodiimide anti-hydrolysis agents can provide excellent hydrolysis resistance protection for polymers containing ester, urethane and amide groups, maintain the initial mechanical properties of products, prolong the service life of products, and make your polymer products widely used in harsh environments such as high temperature and humidity.

Compared with the traditional thiourea process, our company takes the lead in using isocyanate condensation process to produce carbodiimide hydrolysis resistant products, which have the characteristics of high purity, high activity, no smell, no discoloration and no sulfur residue. It can be widely used in polyester polyols, engineering plastics containing ester groups (PET/ PBT/ PC/PA/ EVA), polyurethane elastomers (TPU/ CPU/ MPU), biodegradable materials (PLA/ PBAT/ PHA/ PPT, etc.), polyurethane adhesives, synthetic leather sizes (PU) and lubricating oils.

Through independent R&D, we have successively developed monomeric, polymeric carbodiimide hydrolysis resistant agents, as well as solid crystal type, liquid type and water-soluble product specifications to meet different customer needs. Some products meet FDA certification requirements and can be used in materials in contact with food.

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