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PET based film layer applied to photovoltaic
PET based film layer applied to photovoltaic
PBAT biodegradable film
PBAT biodegradable film
PLA 3D printing wire
PLA 3D printing wire
TPU particles
TPU particles


01. Antihydro®/BIO-SAHTM
Our company is the only and earliest enterprise in China that uses isocyanate shrinkage method (the same production method as Lanxess Company in Germany) to produce this series of anti-hydrolytic agents. Compared with the traditional thiourea method, this process is safe and reliable, clean and the product is with light color, high activity, no odor, no sulfur element residue. Moreover, some products can meet the requirements of FDA certification. This series of products are mainly used in polyester backplane film for photovoltaic, insulation film, polyester industrial rubber silk for paper mesh, polyurethane material for high-grade sports shoes and ski shoes upper, nylon parts in automotive engine cabin, and biodegradable materials PLA,PBAT, to prepare more durable 3D printing materials.

Specific products: Antihydro® 322Liquid, Antihydro® 342Liquid, Antihydro® 362Powder, Antihydro® 362Wax, Antihydro® 372N, Antihydro® MPET3613, Antihydro® MPET3615
Diol-HCATM /Amine-HCATM series chain extenders are produced by ethylene carbonate catalytic ring opening shrinkage method, transesterification method and wet collation method with low pollution and high safety. This kind of method is different traditional ethylene oxide high pressure ring opening shrinkage method and dehydration esterification method which process can get rid of high risk, high pollution, unstable quality and so on. The obtained products have the advantages of stable quality, less impurities and high purity to serve many customers at home and abroad. This series of products are mainly used in the preparation of ship deck protective film curing agent, polyurethane elastomer with complex structure, large mining machinery tire, hydraulic sealing ring of all kinds of construction machinery, and high and low temperature resistance starting tube.

Specific products: Amine-HCATM HQEE、Amine-HCATM PT-1000 、Amine-HCATM C3-LF
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