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Bio-SAH ™ MPET3613 Introducing An Effective Anti-Hydrolysis Agent for PET Resin
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Bio-SAH ™ MPET3613 Introducing An Effective Anti-Hydrolysis Agent for PET Resin

As a functional masterbatch, it is easier to add compared to pure anti-hydrolysis agents and ensures a more uniform mixture.the PET industry has been facing challenges related to the hydrolysis of resin, resulting in a decline in the quality and durability of PET-based products. We understand the importance of addressing this issue and are proud to present the 3613 Masterbatch as a reliable solution.
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  • Bio-SAH ™ MPET3613

  • Bio-SAH

  • Bio-SAH ™ MPET3613

Bases Component: polyethylene terephthalate and anti-hydrolysis agent

Appearance: White or slightly yellow particles

Melting Point: 250~260 ℃

Anti hydrolysis agent content: ≥ 13.5%

Other indicators: please check in COA

Introducing the Bio-SAH ™ MPET3613 Function White Masterbatch - a highly efficient and professional solution for enhancing the properties of nylon.

The professional-grade Bio-SAH ™ MPET3613 Function White Masterbatch is carefully crafted to deliver consistent and reliable results. Its unique composition enables it to effectively improve the mechanical properties of nylon, including tensile strength, impact resistance, and durability.

Choose the Bio-SAH ™ MPET3613 Function White Masterbatch for its exceptional performance, professional-grade quality, and eco-friendly attributes. Elevate the capabilities of your nylon products and gain a competitive edge in the market. Experience the power of this cutting-edge masterbatch and unlock new possibilities for your business.

The 3613 Masterbatch is specially formulated to stabilize PET resin and prevent its hydrolysis, enabling the production of high-quality PET-based materials with enhanced durability and longevity. By incorporating our anti-hydrolysis agent into your PET resin, you can effectively inhibit the degradation caused by water absorption, ensuring the excellent performance of your final products.

Key features and benefits of our 3613 Masterbatch include:
1. Effectively inhibits the hydrolysis of PET resin: Our masterbatch acts as a protective shield, significantly reducing the impact of water molecules on the resin, ensuring its long-lasting performance.
2. Enhanced durability: By effectively suppressing water-induced degradation, our anti-hydrolysis agent helps maintain the structural integrity, mechanical strength, and overall quality of PET-based materials.
3. Versatile application: The 3613 Masterbatch can be easily incorporated into various PET resin production processes, ensuring compatibility and seamless integration into your existing manufacturing setup.
4. Cost-effective solution: By extending the lifespan and improving the performance of PET-based products, our masterbatch helps minimize replacement and maintenance costs, ultimately saving you money.

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