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Amine-HCA™ C3-LF Polyurethane Chain Extender
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Amine-HCA™ C3-LF Polyurethane Chain Extender

As a delayed reaction type polyurethane chain extender, it is important to be used in MDI/polyester or polyether polyurethane prepolymer amine curing agent. Room temperature liquid, no melting, easy to operate.
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Chemical Component

4,4 '- Diaminodiphenylmethane sodium chloride complex dispersion

CAS NO. 21646-20-8

White to slightly yellow flowable suspension

Odour Slightly amine odor
Viscosity 500-3000mPa.s(30°C)
Moisture Content <800ppm
Solid content

About 44%

Amino equivalent content

About 248(See COA per lot for details)

Product Structure 图片1

Product Feature

Amine-HCA ™ C3-LF, as a delayed reaction type polyurethane chain extender,which is formed by complexing a symmetrical aromatic diamine with sodium chloride. At room temperature, it has little activity, but when heated to a certain temperature, the salt complex begins to unseal, and the free diamine reacts quickly with the prepolymer to form an elastomer. Because Amine-HCA ™ C3-LF is a liquid with suitable viscosity, it can be mixed with the prepolymer at room temperature without melting, and is suitable for molding processing technologies such as atmospheric pouring, pressure or injection molding, rotary pouring and immersion in a reaction kettle. Especially suitable for large area construction, precision pouring, complex structure casting preparation, microwave vulcanization and other processing forms that need not be limited by life and stability in the kettle. It has similar vulcanization property to MOCA, and does not appear gelation when mixed with prepolymer without heating. At the same time, the product also can  be used as a curing agent of one-component polyurethane adhesive and the produced one-component polyurethane adhesive has excellent performance.

Product advantages

☆ Liquid at room temperature, no melt, easy to operate.;

☆ When mixed with the prepolymer, it has enough time to operate;

☆ The prepared polyurethane products have high rebound, high wear resistance and excellent dynamic properties.

Special Instructions

Please make sure to stir or roll evenly before use!


Certificate ISO9001
Application MDI based/polyester or polyether system polyurethane prepolymers
Packaging Details

10KG/25KG/50 KG Galvanized Drums or Plastic Drums

Supply Ability 30 Ton Per Month
Port Qingdao/ Shanghai / Lianyungang
Place Of Origin China

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