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Celebrating The Resounding Success of Our Participation in The Moscow EXPOCENTRE Exhibition
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Celebrating The Resounding Success of Our Participation in The Moscow EXPOCENTRE Exhibition

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Celebrating the Resounding Success of Our Participation in the Moscow EXPOCENTRE Exhibition

We are elated to report the triumphant conclusion of our participation in the illustrious Moscow EXPOCENTRE exhibition, which took place from January 23th to 26th, 2024. As a company deeply committed to innovation and excellence in the chemical industry, we were proud to showcase our cutting-edge products to an international audience, forging new connections and solidifying our reputation as a leader in industry segments.


Our booth was a beacon of activity throughout the exhibition, drawing attendees from lots of plastic industry.


A significant highlight of our exhibition was our series of anti-hydrolysis additives, which has shown unparalleled efficacy in solving the problem of degradation of service performance and service life caused by hydrolysis of materials. Bio-SAHTM series additives can prevent the ester gene of polymer from decomposing by moisture, stabilize the initial mechanical properties of products and prolong the lifespan of polymers.

Our anti-hydrolysis additives received particular acclaim for their excellent hydrolysis resistance and applicability across a wide plastic products, from polyurethane products to engineering plastics, biodegradable materials and other industries can be applied. Visitors were impressed by the great potential of these additives in enhance product lifespan and stabilizing the initial mechanical properties of materials, and they help to improve the market competitive advantage of products. A classical example is our Bio-SAHTM 362Powder anti-hydrolysis agent.

Equally captivating were our chain extender , which we presented as a solution for improving the molecular weight and mechanical properties of polymers. By incorporating our chain extenders into their formulations, manufacturers can enhance the tensile strength, heat resistance, and overall durability of their products. This translates into superior performance and reliability, qualities that are increasingly sought after in today's competitive marketplace.


Our team of experts was on hand throughout the exhibition to provide detailed insights into how our products could benefit various manufacturing processes. We engaged in fruitful discussions about custom formulations, technical support, and collaborative projects with industry professionals from diverse backgrounds.

As the curtains drew on the 2024 Moscow EXPOCENTRE exhibition, we looked back on four days of remarkable engagement and success. Our sincere gratitude goes out to the organizers, our fellow exhibitors, and the visitors for creating such a vibrant platform for industry exchange. We are already looking forward to the next opportunity to continue our mission of pushing boundaries and setting new standards in material additives fields.

In conclusion, we would like to express our heartfelt congratulations to EXPOCENTRE Moscow, which has once again successfully held a wonderful year. We are eagerly looking forward to the future cooperation and breakthroughs born from this exhibition!


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